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Farm Logistics

Support to Farmers

We partner with rural farmers and advise them on high demand and high-value farm products they can produce on their farm and undertake joint farming with the farm partners where we provide the necessary capital and skilled labor to enable maximum farm productivity. We additionally undertake marketing by securing supply contracts and transporting the farm produce to the market. As such we aim to ease the burden of rural farmers by becoming a major distributor of their farm products.

What Mashinani Farmers Initiative offers to farmers is a tailored and personalized approach to farming. In addition to giving them input resources, we include regular services in the form of regular farm checks, harvest and post-harvest services, and access to the market for their products. We want our farmers to concern themselves with farming and increasing their farm potential, we shall take care of the rest. Ultimately our farmers stand to earn 25% more income by becoming our partners and best of all, become food secure.

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